EVS Epic Knee Pad

A step up from your traditional knee guard, the Epic offers complete shin and patella coverage. Using many design elements handed down from our high-end knee brace technology, the Epic utilizes our full-floating knee cup, asymmetrical FormFit chassis and Full-Flex dual pivoting hinge system. The Epic also provides a plush contour-molded BIOFOAM liner and quick-release, positive locking buckles with fully-adjustable Dry-Suede straps. Flex-Frame Technology, upper and lower cuffs contour around the leg for a custom feel. Floating Patella System, cup floats over the knee for maximum protection. Full-Flex Hinges, durable hinges with full-flexing construction. Quick Adjustment Strapping System, adjustable strapping system for various leg diameters.

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  • CE-approved.