Bridgestone Battlecross X10 Sand And Mud Tires

The new pattern of the Bridgeston Battlecross X10 features repositioned low-profile blocks, which produce less longitudinal rigidity along the central block area.

Part Number Size Color Price Add To Cart
301509 - BATTELCROSS X10F 80/100-21
Mfg # 7209
80/100-21$139.22Add Item
301510 - BATTELCROSS X10R 100/90-19
Mfg # 7210
100/90-19$155.99Add Item
301511 - BATTELCROSS X10R 110/90-19
Mfg # 7211
110/90-19$167.27Add Item
  • Operates more effectively over wide terrain for greater flexibility.
  • Innovative tread pattern designed for deep sand and mud.
  • Front spiked tread pattern cuts a clean path to provide greater control.
  • Optimized block rigidity prevents side slip.