Bridgestone Battlax SC2 Scooter Tires

The Bridgestone Battlax SC2 Scooter Tires bring out the full potential of your maxi-scooter with its hypersport inspired design.

Part Number Size Color Price Availability
300216 - BATTLAX SC2F SC2 120/70R14M/C
Mfg # 8783
120/70R14$140.96In Stock
[Low Stock]
300217 - BATTLAX SC2F SC2 120/70R15M/C
Mfg # 8784
120/70-15$157.58Out of Stock
300218 - BATTLAX SC2 R SC2 160/60R15M/C
Mfg # 8785
160/60R15$247.88In Stock
[Low Stock]
300222 - BATTLAX SC2 R 160/60R14M/C
Mfg # 8927
160/60R14$236.28In Stock
[Low Stock]
  • Greater contact patch in both hot and cold conditions.
  • High shoulder grip and solid contact.
  • Silica rich compound improves performance in wet conditions.