Avon Tyres 3D Ultra Evo Tires

The 3D Ultra Evo was designed with hypersport bikes in mind. Avon created a compound formulation and improved 3D sipe technology that work together to provide consistent, all-around grip and improved feedback in both, wet and dry conditions.

Part Number Size Color Price Availability
306209 - 120/60ZR17 3D ULTRA EVO AV79 F
Mfg # 2370012
120/60ZR17$202.02Out of Stock
306211 - 150/60ZR17 3D ULTRA EVO AV80 R
Mfg # 2380011
150/60ZR17$280.74Out of Stock
306212 - 160/60ZR17 3D ULTRA EVO AV80 R
Mfg # 2380012
160/60ZR17$269.92Out of Stock
306213 - 180/55ZR17 3D ULTRA EVO AV80 R
Mfg # 2380013
180/55ZR17$280.92Out of Stock
306214 - 190/50ZR17 3D ULTRA EVO AV80 R
Mfg # 2380014
190/50ZR17$281.88Out of Stock
306215 - 190/55ZR17 3D ULTRA EVO AV80 R
Mfg # 2380015
190/55ZR17$309.39Out of Stock
  • Race-inspired construction delivers precise handling on road and on track.