Tensor Tire Regulator All-Terrain Radial Tires

Tensor Regulator All-Terrain Radial Tires feature a thick 8-ply construction, with a nylon reinforcement layer and a tread design based off of truck tires, rather than ATV.

Part Number Size Color Price Availability
478294 - REGULATOR A/T 30X10R-14 8PR
Mfg # TR301014AT
30x10R-14$283.90Out of Stock
478295 - REGULATOR A/T 28X10R-14 8PR
Mfg # TR281014AT
28x10R-14$243.51Out of Stock
478296 - REGULATOR A/T 32X10R-15 8PR
Mfg # TR321015AT
32x10R-15$344.77Out of Stock
478298 - REGULATOR A/T 30X10R-15 8PR
Mfg # TR301015AT
30x10R-15$286.77Out of Stock
478299 - REGULATOR A/T 32X10R-14 8PR
Mfg # TR321014AT
32x10R-14$328.21Out of Stock
478300 - REGULATOR A/T 28X10R-12 8PR
Mfg # TR281012AT
28x10R-12$240.34Out of Stock
  • Steel belted inner and outer bead.
  • Wider footprint for enhanced handling and braking.
  • Variable tread pattern delivers smoothest, quietest ride possible.
  • Deep tread lugs on shoulders for improved cornering traction.