Motion Pro Profunnel - Clear

A funnel with a measuring cup and valve built in. Use graduation marks to measure premix portions and then open the integrated valve to dispense into fuel. The top cover keeps dust and dirt out when in storage. The magnet on the side allows it to stick to the side of a toolbox.

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Mfg # 08-0747
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  • Graduation marks for cc, oz.
  • and premix ratios.
  • One liter capacity.
  • Adjustable ball-pivot spout for spill free filling.
  • Large molded handle for secure grip.
  • Reduced neck keeps funnel from dripping residue when funnel is laid on its side.
  • top cover keeps dust and dirt out when not in use.
  • Magnet allows funnel to store conveniently on the side of your toolbox.
  • Made from durable HDPE plastic.