Dainese Women's Grobnik 1-pc. Leather Suit - Black/White
Also Available In: Black/Red

Certified professional suit, designed to adapt perfectly to the contours of the female body. The dedicated fit and perfect ergonomics guarantee wearability and comfort while riding, allowing racers to focus. Made of Tutu cowhide, the women's one-piece Grobnik Lady Leather Suit guarantees the highest levels of protection derived from direct experience on the track,. Features composite protectors on shoulders, elbows and knees, soft Pro-Shape 2.0 certified protectors on the hips and interchangeable aluminum plates on the shoulders. The metal inserts on the shoulders encourage sliding in the event of a fall, reducing the risk of dangerous rolling. Large stretch fabric inserts provide great comfort when moving, and the breathable lining with 3D Bubble fabric inserts makes the suit extremely versatile and ideal even in the hottest climates, due to the system of localized perforation in the most strategic areas of the suit. Accommodates the waterbag kit inside the aerodynamic hump, providing a canteen that can be connected to the water system on the helmet.

Part Number Size Color Price Availability
664675 - GROBNIK 1 PC SUIT BK/WH W40
Mfg # 202513484-948-40
40Black/White$1,199.95Out of Stock
664676 - GROBNIK 1 PC SUIT BK/WH W42
Mfg # 202513484-948-42
42Black/White$1,199.95Out of Stock
664677 - GROBNIK 1 PC SUIT BK/WH W44
Mfg # 202513484-948-44
44Black/White$1,199.95Out of Stock
664678 - GROBNIK 1 PC SUIT BK/WH W46
Mfg # 202513484-948-46
46Black/White$1,199.95Out of Stock
664679 - GROBNIK 1 PC SUIT BK/WH W48
Mfg # 202513484-948-48
48Black/White$1,199.95Out of Stock
  • 1 inner pocket.
  • 1 Zip calf construction.
  • D-Tec Racing Core: fully removable and washable inner suit.
  • EN 17092 certified motorbike protective professional Suit.
  • Interchangeable knee sliders.
  • Waterbag kit ready.
  • Aerodynamic spoiler.
  • Collar with elasticated insert.
  • Elasticated inserts.
  • Inserts in elasticated fabric.
  • Tutu cowhide leather.