Jims Lift Caddy - Blue

Caddy allows you to move your bike lift, with a bike on it, by yourself on a smooth floor. Sturdy steel design incorporates two low profile, 2" wide, heavy-duty casters that can rotate 360 degrees and is capable of handling today's heavy 900+ lbs. motorcycles. It's only activated when the lift is fully raised (not resting on any lock tabs). Once lowered to any lock tab or the floor, the wheels camber up securing the lift to the floor, as if the lift caddy isn't even there. Lift only moves when you want it to and is secure when you are working on the motorcycle, as well as loading and unloading.

Part Number Size Color Price Availability
461010 - LIFT CADDY
Mfg # 776
2 in.
2 in.Blue$259.25Out of Stock
  • Will fit on Handy Lifts and other lifts that incorporate a 2" wide cross member.
  • Made in USA.