Five Gloves Men's RFX4 Evo Glove - Black
Also Available In: Black/White

Somewhere between road and track. Designed for riders who put comfort over performance, the RXF4 EVO gloves and are looking for all the versatility of a sport glove . . . or all the sportiness of a versatile glove. By adopting the FIVE ergonomic protective shell used in both urban and trail gloves, the RFX4 EVO offers a less aggressive look than that of the RFX1, RFX2, and RFX3. Though it fits in so naturally at the controls of a sportier bike, it's also right for riding a powerful scooter or a roadster, and thus, offers a more reassuring alternative to short gloves, which are more commonly used with this type of machine. It also offers the extra protection typical of racing gloves with all the comfort found in less exclusive gloves. The RFX4 EVO is well and truly the perfect compromise between our road gloves and gloves for pure racing.

Part Number Size Color Price Availability
709003 - RFX 4 EVO GLV BLK XL
Mfg # 709003
XLBlack$99.90Out of Stock
709004 - RFX 4 EVO GLV BLK 2XL
Mfg # 709004
2XLBlack$99.90Out of Stock
  • Total full-grain goatskin construction for supple palm and topside.
  • Semi-soft ErgoProtech metacarpo-phalangeal protective shell.
  • ErgoProtech soft TPR hypothenar protective shell (palm slider).
  • PU palm reinforcement for better grip on the handlebars.
  • Forearm protection featuring a leather panel and 3D TPR logo.
  • Dual closure system with a Velcro tab and a cuff adjustment tab.
  • Comfort gussets on the wrists and fingers.
  • Touch Screen system for handling touchscreen devices.