Avon Tyres 3D Ultra Xtreme Slick

The 3D Ultra Xtreme Tire is an ultra-high performance trackday tire with a super-sticky rubber compound, that gets up to temperature quickly and excels in dry weather conditions.

Part Number Size Color Price Add To Cart
306205 - 120/70R17 3D ULTRA EXT SLICK F
Mfg # 4470011
120/70R17$248.20Add Item
306206 - 180/60R17 3D ULTRA EXT SLICK R
Mfg # 4470012
180/60ZR17$349.61Add Item
306207 - 190/55R17 3D ULTRA EXT SLICK R
Mfg # 4470013
190/55R17$349.61Add Item
  • 3D siping with interlocking three dimensional points improve stability and grip, limit tread flex.
  • Large footprint at extreme lean angles.