CST Sandblast CS21 and CS22 Tires

Side-by-Side sand tire. The Sandblast is a dune-engineered tire that delivers maximum flotation and high performance all in a lightweight package. The size of the front tire and its dual-centered knob design create excellent flotation and turning ability, so transitioning from dune to dune is effortless. The Sandblast's blades allow for the extreme versatility riders need.

Part Number Size Color Price Availability
681314 - CS22 32X12-17 SANDBLAST RR 2PR
Mfg # TM00754500
32x12-17$255.00Out of Stock
681315 - CS21 28X10-14 SANDBLAST FT 2PR
Mfg # TM00732200
28x10-14$171.00Out of Stock
681316 - CS22 28X12-14 SANDBLAST RR 2PR
Mfg # TM00732500
28x12-14$209.00Out of Stock
681317 - CS21 30X10-14 SANDBLAST FT 2PR
Mfg # TM00734200
30x10-14$186.00Out of Stock
681318 - CS22 30X12-14 SANDBLAST RR 2PR
Mfg # TM00735800
30x12-14$219.00Out of Stock
681319 - CS21 32X10-15 SANDBLAST FT 2PR
Mfg # TM00753600
32x10-15$222.00In Stock
[Low Stock]
681320 - CS22 32X12-15 SANDBLAST RR 2PR
Mfg # TM00753800
32x12-15$236.00Out of Stock
  • Designed for performance on high-powered Side-by-Sides.
  • 2-ply, bias compound provides excellent steering response and minimal rolling resistance.
  • Two rows of staggered knobs in center provide excellent steering in sand.