Nuetech Soft Nitromousse Test2

Nuetech's Plushie Nitromousse has been developed for slower and more technical riding, while maintaining the durability that has made Nitromousse so well known.. Energizing the mousse with nitrogen results in a 100% flat-proof alternative to tubes while maintaining a lively, consistent feel from the very first ride. Try easy-to-install Nitromousse, and enjoy long-lasting performance that will never let you down.. . Use Nitromousse Application Guide to find the perfect Nitromousse for your tire.

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287035 - MOUSSE 80/100-21 PLUSHIE
Mfg # NMS21-220
800/100-21$139.95Add Item
  • 6-8 psi feel for plushness and traction in rough conditions.
  • Same exceptional durability as the original Nitromousse.