Dunlop Roadsmart IV Sport Touring Tires

Offering best-in-class performance, the Roadsmart IV from Dunlop delivers everything you need from a sport touring tire. Improved tread patterns, construction, compounds and profiles increase ride comfort, grip and mileage that maintains high-performance throughout the tire's lifespan.

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310980 - ROADSMART IV 120/70ZR17 FR
Mfg # 45253301
120/70ZR17$228.43Out of Stock
310981 - ROADSMART IV 120/70ZR18 FR
Mfg # 45253307
120/70ZR18$228.93Add Item
310990 - ROADSMART IV 160/60ZR17 RR
Mfg # 45253302
160/60ZR17$282.25Add Item
310991 - ROADSMART IV 170/60ZR17 RR
Mfg # 45253303
170/60ZR17$291.03Add Item
310992 - ROADSMART IV 180/55ZR17 RR
Mfg # 45253304
180/55ZR17$303.39Out of Stock
310993 - ROADSMART IV 190/50ZR17 RR
Mfg # 45253305
190/50ZR17$318.63Add Item
310994 - ROADSMART IV 190/55ZR17 RR
Mfg # 45253306
190/55ZR17$334.55Add Item
  • Front and rear compounds with Hi Silica X and Fine Carbon increase wet grip and stopping performance.
  • Sidewall construction improves wet and dry handling and comfort.
  • MT Multi-TreadŸ technology in the rear tire uses a long-wearing compound in the center, and special lateral compounds on the shoulders for outstanding grip.
  • 23% to 26% more mileage, compared to the Roadsmart III.