Motion Pro Refill Ear Clamps

Provides secure 360 degrees clamping with no gaps. Specially formed edges reduce risk of damage to hose and hose barb. Durable partitioned plastic box with snap lid keeps clamps organized and ready for use. Contains assortment of commonly used clamp sizes for motorcycle and ATV cooling systems.

Part Number Size Color Price Availability
150046 - EAR CLAMP STEPLESS 12-14.5MM
Mfg # 12-0077
$11.99Out of Stock
150047 - EAR CLAMP STEPLESS 14.8-18MM
Mfg # 12-0078
14.8mm to 18.0mm range
14.8mm to 18.0mm range$13.99Out of Stock
  • 85-piece kit.
  • Individual clamp sizes available separately for restocking.