Motion Pro Refill Ear Clamps

Narrow 5mm wide band provides concentrated seal compression. Specially formed strip edges reduce the risk of damage to the part being clamped.

Part Number Size Color Price Availability
150043 - EAR CLAMP STEPLESS 7.8-9.5MM
Mfg # 12-0074
$11.99Out of Stock
150044 - EAR CLAMP STEPLESS 10.3-12.8MM
Mfg # 12-0075
$11.99Out of Stock
150045 - EAR CLAMP STEPLESS 1.8-13.3MM
Mfg # 12-0076
$11.99Out of Stock
  • 360 degrees Stepless design with no gaps on inner surface.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Tampering is visible.
  • Made in USA.