CST Pulse MXR CS13 And CS14 Tires

The CST Pulse MXR has even more adrenaline-pumping traction than the original Pulse is known for. Front tires have increased traction for better steering performance, providing predictable cornering and sliding characteristics.

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681113 - CS13 18X7-8 PULSE MXR 4PR FR
Mfg # TM00026600
18x7-18$74.00Out of Stock
681114 - CS13 19X6-10 PULSE MXR 4PR FR
Mfg # TM00028500
19x6-10$106.00Add Item
681115 - CS13 20X6-10 PULSE MXR 4PR FR
Mfg # TM13648000
20x6-10$110.00Out of Stock
681116 - CS13 20X7-8 PULSE MXR 4PR FR
Mfg # TM00031000
20x7-8$95.00Add Item
681117 - CS14 18X10-8 PULSE MXR 4PR RR
Mfg # TM06304400
18x10-8$122.00Add Item
681118 - CS14 18X10-8 PULSE MXR 4PR RR
Mfg # TM00007300
18x10-8$122.00Out of Stock
681119 - CS14 19X8-8 PULSE MXR 4PR RR
Mfg # TM00026700
19x8-8$100.00Out of Stock
  • Improved wear characteristics give insurmountable durability.
  • Two rear compounds available for hard and soft terrain applications.
  • Increased traction and performance on intermediate-hard terrain.
  • Improved wear characteristics.