Dunlop Mutant Crossover Tires

Combining the DNA from trail, supermoto, wet race and touring tires, the Dunlop Mutant is a new type of tire. Labeled a crossover in style, the Mutant features an extremely evolved M+S pattern that delivers a unique combination of superior wet and cold grip, sport handling and touring durability, that performs in all conditions.

Part Number Size Color Price Availability
311250 - MUTANT 110/70ZR17 FRONT
Mfg # 45255205
110/70ZR17$198.52Out of Stock
311251 - MUTANT 120/70ZR17 FRONT
Mfg # 45255200
120/70ZR17$212.38Out of Stock
311252 - MUTANT 110/80ZR18 FRONT
Mfg # 45255206
110/80ZR18$213.30In Stock
[Low Stock]
311253 - MUTANT 120/70ZR19 FRONT
Mfg # 45255207
120/70ZR19$224.85Out of Stock
311260 - MUTANT 150/60ZR17 REAR
Mfg # 45255201
150/60ZR17$192.24Out of Stock
311261 - MUTANT 160/60ZR17 REAR
Mfg # 45255202
160/60ZR17$208.85Out of Stock
311262 - MUTANT 170/60ZR17 REAR
Mfg # 45255208
170/60ZR17$257.80Out of Stock
311263 - MUTANT 180/55ZR17 REAR
Mfg # 45255203
180/55ZR17$268.43In Stock
311264 - MUTANT 190/55ZR17 REAR
Mfg # 45255204
190/55ZR17$299.38In Stock
  • State-of-the-art Rayon ply casing compound delivers superior performance and excellent mileage, complements of their short warm-up time and durability.
  • Dynamic front formula provides hypersport handling with optimized high-speed stability and multi-tread technology to increase cornering grip.
  • High-surface silica and four season technology performs in the most challenging conditions, generating exceptional grip in both wet and dry conditions.